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Deskription about Sengkaling Park and Sengkaling Food Festival

Sengkaling Food Festival~Sengkaling Food Festival
Sengkaling Food Festival 2~Wisata kuliner terbesar di jawa timur
Sengkaling Food Festival~Wisata Kuliner Terbesar di Jawa Timur
Sengkaling Food Festival~Wisata Kuliner Terbesar di Jawa Timur
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     Sengkaling Food Festival, Malang
    Sengkaling Food Festival (SFF) is a new tourist icon in Malang, which was built in the Recreation Park Sengkaling (TRS).The concept of merging with the Culinary Recreation Park, supported the setting Site Plan, Building Design, Structuring Outlet and Lighting Systems are qualified so as to give the impression of sensational unforgettable.
    SFF occupies an area of 3 hectares in front of the TRS, the location is strategically located on the highway between Malang Rock, close to several famous universities, among others; Malang Muhammadiyah University, Islamic University of Malang, UB and UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim.Powered by SFF parking areas are very spacious, with good parking management system, able to accommodate hundreds of vehicles, which is expected to provide a sense of security and comfort for visitors SFF.
    As the largest culinary center in East Java, SFF provide hundreds of tenants serving a variety of quality menu at a price that is affordable for all walks of life, from families and students, students and tourists.Besides the culinary, SFF also provides tenants who sell food / beverage typical of Malang that can be used by the by, and there are boutiques selling designer clothes and quality.SFF is very appropriate as a place to hang out, meeting point, kongkow and gathered with family, friends or colleagues.
    SFF is open daily from 16.00 s / d 23:00 pm, except Saturdays and Sundays SFF open from 12.00 s / d 23:00 pm.Soft Opening SFF was held on July 15, 2014, the interest of the public / visitors with the opening of SFF very nice unexpected from the business, although still in the Soft Opening.SFF Grand Opening is planned in the month of August-September 2014 and will be celebrated by a famous artist from the capital.
    Please recreation in Malang or Batu, dinner should still be in Sengkaling Food Festival.
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        Description about Sengkaling

        Sengkaling park located on Jl.Raya Mulyoagung no.188, Kecamatan Dau, Malang district, or is about 10 miles from central city of Malang. Its strategic location and accessible make a park of this recreation was always bustling visitors even in the weekend or holiday.
        Broad a whole Sengkaling around 9 hectares and 6 hectares of them in the form of park and the soothing. Theme park Sengkaling opened every day, with the operational hours of starting at 6 am to 5 pm.
        Tourist destinations has some facilities are having a unique advantage when compared of tourism places other. One of them is tourism the water derived from sources natural. One source of which is “Kolam Tirta Alam”. It was belived can make the one youth and until now this there are still many people a source of bitter.

        Sengkaling Food Festival is the tourism icons new in malang , built in the region “Taman Rekreasi Sengkaling” .The concept of the merger culinary tourism with garden recreation , supported arrangement site plan , design building , the arrangement outlet and lighting system which mumpuni that can give the impression sensational there will be forgotten .

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